Since the launch of Chirpley’s initiative into Influencer Marketing, we have had active individuals in our community’s social channels who drive adoption. Whether it is keeping the community up to date, writing blog posts, or educating new members about the Chirpley project, they have helped promote Chirpley and spread awareness.

As a way to motivate and recognize these members of our community, Chirpley will be selecting individuals to serve as Chirpley Ambassadors.


Chirpley is establishing its Ambassador Program to provide a more substantial and noticeable method for the community to interact and contribute to our growth. We’ve hit and exceeded a lot of milestones in terms of followers, wallets, and transactions, and we think it’s finally time for the community to be a part of this initiative.

If you have the energy and enthusiasm to help Chirpley gain more exposure, please apply for our , since we won’t stop until we reach the top.


• Eligible for CHIRP Tokens as compensation based on criteria set

• Ambassador status on the Discord Server and Telegram Channels

• Exclusive Ambassador Channel on Discord and Telegram for invite-only members

• Gain insight to our project’s roadmap from behind the scenes

• Increased participation in project decision-making by offering direct feedback to core team members


Some of you may be wondering how this works. Chirpley believes that our community should be a direct contributor to our project, and this is another method in which the community may assist us in our growth.

Some of you will be appointed as our Ambassadors in specific regions/geographies. These ambassadors will be chosen based on their application’s merits. They should have a thorough understanding of our product ecosystem and what we’re bringing to market.

Make sure you’re familiar with our Litepaper as well as the medium articles we’ve published so far. Keep in mind that you will be representing Chirpley in your geography class.


  • For being an ambassador what you need is an understanding of the broader cryptocurrency market including basic knowledge of DeFi and DAOs.
  • You will come with prior experience moderating a community.
  • You have a distinct edge if you can communicate in more than one language.

We don’t expect all of our candidates to be crypto experts, but they must have a basic understanding of blockchain technology. You can assist in the translation and proofreading of many sorts of content, which will then be distributed to the general public. You’ll also perform a position that requires you to communicate with other members of our team.

Our ambassadors will assist new users in understanding and acclimating to our present and future products, as well as the wider ecosystem. This is crucial because we’ll be releasing a slew of new products in the coming months, so your guidance to new users will be quite useful as our ecosystem grows.

You’ll also serve as an end user’s point of contact, answering inquiries, reacting to comments, and sending pertinent feedback to the Chirpley team.

You will be responsible for maintaining and moderating online and offline communities in addition to arranging online and offline events and gatherings.


This ambassadorship will bring us closer to the community while also assisting us in our growth. To begin, we are seeking representation in the countries of Indonesia, India, Russia, China, Japan and Vietnam. In the next phase, we intend to expand into areas where our group is under-represented.

We’ll pick people from the community in the next days to help us express our fundamental differentiators in several languages. These ambassadors will receive behind-the-scenes access to the Chirpley team, including branding and marketing assets, as well as technical help.

It makes no difference where you’re from as long as you’re pleasant, tech- and/or crypto-savvy, and eager to help others in Chirpley’s community channels like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. We strongly encourage you to apply for the position of country ambassador.

How to sign up:

LINKS: DiscordTelegramTelegram [ANN — TwitterYouTubeTiktokInstagramRedditDocsWebsite



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