Chirpley’s Vision for a Flourishing Ecosystem: Unveiling Future Plans

4 min readAug 17, 2023


In our previous article, we previewed our forthcoming initiatives for the latter half of 2023. Designed to establish Chirpley as a sustainable business with a thriving revenue stream, these strategies focus on strengthening connections in Web 2 and expanding into new markets.

Today’s community update delves into Chirpley’s crypto front, revealing plans to fortify the $CHRP ecosystem and drive exponential growth across both platform, token and business.

Empowering With Tokenomics: A Strategic Advantage

The integration of a token economy offers multifaceted advantages. Beyond fostering tight-knit communities and streamlining public offerings, it enables companies to access liquid assets for aggressive growth. While many token economies lack practical value, Chirpley stands committed to enhancing its attached token economy through a revenue-driven deflationary buy-back and burn mechanism, where 20% of all on-platform revenue is automatically bought back from the market and burned. This dynamic approach not only stabilizes the token against speculation but also links its value to platform performance.

Unlocking the Power of $CHRP

$CHRP holds more than just financial and community benefits. Our token plays a pivotal role in Chirpley’s overarching growth strategy. As the first marketplace in the crypto vertical with a token that holds its value against influencer marketing, we’re poised to launch large daily, automated influencer campaigns by leveraging CHRP tokens for influencer incentives.

This innovative approach will catalyze new user onboarding and drive campaigns, creating a viral impact within the crypto vertical. Chirpley has allocated 15% of the Total Token Supply (TTS) for marketing purposes, primarily to incentivize and reward platform users engaging in influencer services for Chirpley.

By distributing CHRP tokens to influencers who endorse Chirpley, particularly aimed at attracting new users, we anticipate a surge in users and campaigns in the crypto vertical, thereby generating a viral effect for our platform.

Strengthening the CHRP Ecosystem

As Chirpley progresses along its roadmap, 2024 marks the initiation of introducing complementary branches to our platform, with a keen focus on diversifying revenue streams within the Chirpley ecosystem.

For each introduced branch, the CHRP token will serve as the primary utility token. This strategic approach will enhance the deflationary nature of the CHRP token, as the surplus generated from these additional revenue streams will proportionally contribute to the buyback and burning of CHRP tokens.

Examples of these branches include:

  • Chirpley Launchpad: Scheduled for a mid-2024 launch, the Chirpley Launchpad in the cryptocurrency vertical will offer a platform for pre-IDO projects to launch their projects, whilst offering state-of-the-art safety built in for the investors, and leveraging virality through the Chirpley influencers. 20% of all generated revenue through the Launchpad will be used to buy back and burn CHRP automatically on each transaction.
  • DEX Extension: The DEX extension serves as the hub for internal transactions and swaps within the Chirpley ecosystem. It will also facilitate direct project launches for those utilizing our Launchpad and will play a role in facilitating DeFi infrastructure for our upcoming Layer 1 blockchain plans. Transaction fees on DEX will generate additional revenue, contributing to further CHRP token burns, with 20% of profits being bought back.
  • Layer 1 Blockchain: Our Layer 1 blockchain project, planned for the end of 2024 or early 2025, aims to assist Web 2 marketing companies in transitioning to Web 3 and integrating token economies into their products. This blockchain will be closely tied to our Venture Arm, aligning with the goal of propelling businesses beyond the confines of Web 2.
  • Venture Arm: In tandem with the Layer 1 Blockchain launch, a $10M Venture fund will be established through liquidity providers. This fund will focus on investing in promising projects launched on the Chirpley Launchpad, fostering network expansion and value accumulation through buybacks, further enhancing the Chirpley ecosystem.
  • Accelerator: Serving as an extension of the Venture Arm, the Accelerator will provide comprehensive pre-launch support to projects. Chirpley will offer guidance in various areas, from marketing to tokenomics, helping projects establish their social presence through our platform before their official launch. This innovative approach capitalizes on the strengths of the Chirpley ecosystem within the realm of Web 3, leveraging the strength of virality.


Chirpley’s journey into the future is not just a roadmap — it’s a bold testament to our commitment to innovation, growth, and empowerment. The intricate interplay of our partnerships, the intelligent use of the CHRP token, and the strategic expansion of our ecosystem signify a powerful trajectory that will reshape the influencer marketing landscape.

We invite our community, both new and steadfast, to join us on this exhilarating path as we transcend boundaries, amplify opportunities, and redefine the very essence of influencer marketing. With every step we take, Chirpley is not just creating a marketplace; we are forging a realm where possibilities are limitless, fueled by technology, collaboration, and the boundless energy of our community.


Chirpley team




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